IBI Virtual reality system

Virtual reality is a technology by which the surrounding conditions of an element naturally displayed are to the somebody created This with special software. Some of the content produced is computer-created 3D graphics, but Some other content is 360-degree videos or images. VR technology enables a person to better touch things near and around something by using special glasses. This technology helps us to feel it without the need to be in surrounding conditions.

This technology gives the user a sense of real presence in an environment. VR glasses are in entertainment and movies, and newer types of this technology are in sports and games. Virtual reality is mainly a visual experience that can see through a virtual reality headset. This intelligent technology can use in science, culture, education, virtual business meetings, Etc. Today, most gamers have welcomed this device.

In the distant past, replicas were the best way to display the features of an environment. After the advent of computer graphics software, 3D images considering, but pictures printed on paper are lifeless and do not understand space. Today, the combination of 3D images with virtual reality systems has provided us with a complete package.

IBI Firm is proud to use this architecture and building design system for the first time in Iran. IBI Firm is a modern and technology-based company, so we always try to offer its customers the best in the world. We were using VR systems Because we are enabling our valued customers to touch the spaces before creating them. Also, when rebuilding or recreating, and redesigning an area with the help of virtual reality, we will show you the result of the work before it is executed. This intelligent tool helps us to bring you more pleasant spaces.