IBI Renewable Energies Department

Renewable energy
Renewable energy, also known as clean energy, comes from natural sources of energy. Wind energy and solar energy are two well known types of renewable energy. The usage of renewable energy is growing and developing. Many people who use a product of this type of energy are increasing every day. Creating energy from wind or solar is one of the simplest and most easy to use this method of energy production. This means that all people around the world can produce and operate it.

Most people look at renewable energy as a new technology, but it has been used for a long time. In the past, renewable energy has been used in wind and water mills, sailing ships, and many other daily tasks. Today, we have new and less expensive ways to produce and use wind and solar energy. On a large and small scale, the use of renewable energy sources has begun in the last few years and has happened to be very successful. The use of renewable energy for lighting, heating, and even cooling has expanded over the last few years.
Today, it is much easier to use useful and valuable renewable resources because the advancement of technology and technology has facilitated this issue. Click here for more information on renewable energy types.

We need to plan for the use of renewable energy right now because there have been big changes in energy production and supply in the world. That is forcing us to change our strategies. When renewable energy systems were first introduced with new technologies, everyone thought that using these energies was a choice. Today, most people have decided that the use of renewable energy is not a choice but a strong desire.

Our services
IBI Firm, Considering today’s conditions and needs and achieving sustainable architecture and buildings, we decided to include activities in renewable energy. Our team is ready to provide the best services in renewable energy to its customers by using the latest technology in renewable energy and getting good things from the knowledge of experts in this
field. If the power outage has caused you many problems, you are planning to build your villa and factory in a place without energy facilities, and you are also thinking of providing renewable energy systems for your home and workplace, so contact us now. Our collection is ready to provide the best methods of supplying renewable energy according to your needs and area.