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Interior design, composition, and beauty of the surrounding conditions are as important as the design and construction of the building. IBI Firm is active in designing different construction projects and has a brilliant track record over the years. Using the two factors of science and art leads to better surrounding conditions for interaction, healthy, and quality of life.

A space to live
We need an artistic design using science to create and gain with effort a suitable living space. We pay attention to airflow, light, color, privacy, people’s feelings, etc., who will live in that surrounding conditions. The IBI Firm suite aims to create an environment with an identity based on customers’ beliefs and morals unique features.

changing way of living
Today we need a different form of design because the lifestyle has changed a lot from the past. Most customers want a dreamy, expensive, and desirable atmosphere. We understand the challenges and opportunities and our customers and help them touch their dreams.

We design homes and workspaces for proper education because we understand the features and qualities of the learning space and know well how to design a part of the home space for study. Creating a good atmosphere affects many aspects of life, and research and study space is not separate from this pattern.

Today we have to design the space of the house suitable for work because life has changed a lot. Some jobs, such as telecommuting, are done at home, so rooms should arrange in a not tricky way for members. We work hard to organize even the smallest spaces to work well next to the beauty.



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