IBI Firma offers a variety of Careers. Our teams are always made up of the best people. We believe that we should use a brilliant talent to the great goals of the company. In the IBI Firma, only the individual skills of workers and their positive job performance are important and valuable, which leads to the development of progressive and result-oriented abilities of active teams in the company.

Our investment in team members
In IBI Firma personal and careers growth and company are combined. We proudly support continuing education, completing licenses and certifications, membership in professional associations, attending workshops, and educating each team member.

Other benefits
The most important benefits we offer our staff are different types of insurance. We also provide recreational trips for all our staff. We pay part of the staff’s travel and fun and relaxation expenses. Helpful activities have always had an important place in our company, and we are proud of them. Our company has planned cheap sports programs for its staff because it pays special attention to the health of staff and their families. Our company always distributes a part of the money made from the company’s projects among the staff. We believe that this method will lead to a greater sense of belonging to staff to the work and the Firm. IBI Firma also covers personnel transportation costs and offers many other facilities to personnel.

Job Opportunity
IBI Firma is active in different fields of building construction. If you wish, you can fill out the job application form at the bottom of the page and send us your resume, cover letter, and your’s attached to it, and so allow us to use your’s valuable abilities.