Amin Saeini

Amin Information Technology Support Assistant.

Tel: +98 912 6596639

Monday to Thursday

Amin Saeini is scientifically capable and personally qualified. Always keep his knowledge up to date because he believes that better projects can be created using the latest technologies and knowledge. Shahab has managed many rebuilding or recreating and construction projects. He is one of the valuable members of our firm because he has high skills in carrying out any project.

Customer information meeting and marketing skills make him a prominent figure in the company. Therefore he participates in many sales and talking sessions. His communication skills have attracted many customers to the company.

Many customers are interested in submitting their new projects because Shahab can make customers happy by meeting their needs and bringing them to their goals. He is one of the most qualified laborers in the company because he is serious about implementing projects and completes projects on time.

He is successful in managing the workforce because he uses management techniques well. All the workers who worked in the Amin team always want to be in his team again because he knows the value of his workforce and uses their abilities well. He leads the teams, and this is pleasant for the workers.

Amin’s abilities and experiences have enabled him to take on different responsibilities at the same time. Amin’s decisions and suggestions have made the company a huge success, and he is a powerful manager.

He is an architect, and construction project manager. He has held various responsibilities in our company and has been successful in them. As well as recently taken up the position of architectural and renewable energy manager in the firm.


He is Information Technology Support Assistant at IBI Firm